Elisha Milton Chalk

21 Nov 1875
26 Mar 1882

1 Oct 1883

19 Jan 1885

24 Jun 1885

13 Feb 1887

27 Jun 1887

6 Oct 1889
11 Apr 1891

BIRTH: Elisha M CHALK born 19 May 1848 TN; parents unknown (death certificate).

MARRIAGE: Milton CHALK 23 married Miss Elizabeth PRICE 20 on 24 Mar 1872 by Thomas R. Mason MG (Jackson AR Marriage #C-91).

DEATH: Elisha M CHALK died 3 Aug 1916 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake UT of prostate cancer; buried 6 Aug 1916 Glenwood, Sevier UT (death certificate). 1917: heirs of Elisha M CHALK with 160 acres in Kane UT NW section 12 Township 38S Range 3W; Salt Lake Land Office; noted "heirs see serial patent NR 937788 for supplemental patent" (BLM Land Records #575308). 1924: 160 acres Kane UT NW section 12 Township 38S Range 3W; Salt Lake Land Office (BLM Land Records #737788).

NOTES: known as Milt.

1850: District 13, Henderson TN census: James 46 NC; Malinda 41 TN; James 19 TN; Jefferson 17 TN; Lucy A 14 TN; John 13 TN; Margaret 10 TN; Frances 6 TN; Milton 3 TN.

1858-1860: Civil War broke out and he helped sister with her two little girls because her husband had to go to war. 1860: Glaize, Jackson AR census: John 23 TN; Milton 13 TN; Frances 16 TN.

1860: mentioned as heir at father's death as Elisha M from Arkansas. 1870: Glaize, Jackson AR census: John 33 TN; Martha 22 TN; Idora 1 AR; Milton 21 AR.

1872: married 24 Mar 1872 Jackson AR.

1874: met the Mormon missionaries.

1875: letter from J M CHALK to E M CHALK marked Coffeeville AR; mentions MASONs, Aunt Jane, Frank, William, Aunt Amanda, and Jo. PRICE. (Since these letters are in the Salt Lake Family History Library, I think they were sent to Milton in UT).

1875: came to Richfield UT (Glendale Ward Records).

1876: baptized 10 April 1876 by Elder John McCALISTER; confirmed by Elder Henry G. BOIL; in 3rd Ward (Richfield Records, Sevier Stake, #543). Endowed 24 September 1876 at St George Temple.

1876: came to Utah May 1876 with a company ofSaints. Elisha was chaplain of the company, with a duty to "see that all was well, that order and the spirit of fellowship and brotherly love existed at all times."

1877: stayed six months with the United Order at Sunset AZ, just east of where Winslow is now located. Left for Utah by way of Lee's Ferry to Glendale, Kane UT where they lived several years. Ordained an elder and then high priest by Morton HENSEN.

1880: Glendale, Kane UT census: Elisha M 31 TN shingle maker; Celia Ann E 27 AL keeping house; Elisha E 6 AR; Celia L 1 UT; Emily F 1/12 UT.

1882: moved to Huntington, Carbon UT. 1884-5: moved back to Glendale, Kane UT, lived in their same house, worked at the sawmill.

1892: moved to Robert ROSS' farm in Joseph, Sevier UT, ran the farm and raised hogs.

1893: moved to Monroe, seven miles east. Helped on the farm and did considerable temple work in the Manti temple.

1900: Monroe Precinct, Sevier UT census: Elisha M 52 TN born May 1848; Elisabeth 49 AL born Mar 1851; Jefferson B 18 UT born Jun 1882; John M 14 UT born Nov 1885; James 11 UT born Jun 1888.

1904: moved to Glenwood UT. Traveled by team to ID to look for a new location to see if the trip and change of climate would help wife's health (asthma). Came back in the fall.

1907: moved back to Monroe and rented his son-in-law's farm four miles south of Richfield.

1908: wife died, he livede with youngest son James and grandson Milton CHAVIS whose parents lived in NM. Took boy home to his parents and continued to TN to visit daughter and only brother James. Tried to talk to them about the gospel, but they were staunch Methodists. Returned to UT the following summer.

1910: District 163, Sevier UT census: Frank 35 UT married 11; Loett 32 UT 5/5 children; Fawn 10 UT; Cloan 8 UT; Lamont 6 UT; LaVee 3 UT; Lucial 1 6/12 UT; Elisha M CHALK 62 TN widowed father-in-law.

1914: was helping son James on the farm, told him "I won't be with you long for your mother called me last night and told me to hurry and finish my work. She was waiting and needed me. I told her I just had a little more to do and I'd come." His health grew worse, he was taken to LDS hospital in SLC where he was found to have prostate trouble.