Ancestors of Elisha Milton CHALK

Tenth Generation

656. Baron Robert OGELTHORPE was born about 1528 probably in Bardsey, Yorkshire, England. He died after 1608 in England. Robert married an unknown wife in 1553 in York, England.


657. Mrs. was born about 1532 probably in Bardsey, Yorkshire, England.


William OGELTHORPE (1554-unk)
Matthew OGELTHORPE (1554-unk)
Thomas OGELTHORPE (1556-unk)
Elizabeth OGELTHORPE (1557-unk)
Steven OGELTHORPE (1559-unk)
Betteris OGELTHORPE (1560-unk)
Clement OGELTHORPE (1561-unk)
Matthew OGELTHORPE (1568-unk)
James OGELTHORPE (1570-unk)
Owin OGELTHORPE (1572-unk)
Franccis OGELTHORPE (1574-unk)

664. John THOMAS was born in England or Wales. He died probably in Isle of Wight, Virginia. John was married between 1559/1566 probably in England.


John THOMAS (1559-unk)

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